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Bangladesh is highly prone to natural disasters. The worst victims are from bottom of pyramid and they cant afford durable housing materials thus rely on non-durable and cheap products which put their life and home at risk. On the other side, mass expansion of construction industry is polluting the environment drastically and threatening the well-being of society. Moreover, sugar industry is producing large amount of waste which are untreated or mal-treated most of the time causing harm to workers and consequently the environment. The main objective is to provide a sustainable solution to these problems through the project named Bhitti. Bhitti introduces adobe bricks and ready-mixed cement which is durable and affordable at the same time with eco-friendliness. These are made from sugarcane bagasse, an agricultural by product, which is considered as waste. The whole process does not involve any carbon dioxide emission as brick is sun dried and cement is made manually generating local employment. After extensive market research, on September 2013, Bhitti launched its pilot test by constructing 3 animal houses in Madhyapara village of Dinajpur city of Bangladesh. This initiative was supported by our partner Safe Housing Limited. Till February 2014, our company successfully constructed 15 animal houses and 7 toilets with co-operation of Safe Housing Limited. Bhitti will bring a sense of security in the mind of poor and vulnerable people who are scared of losing their valuable houses in face of disaster. Thus, rural people will be able to afford green and sturdier housing options to protect themselves. On the other side, Bhitti also gives opportunity to unemployed local people to get trained and contribute to this business by manufacturing products. Our focus doesnt limit to society only. We assure that our environment gets better through lesser pollution and waste management for a sustainable future.

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