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Sagarika Bhatta


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I’m passionate painter, I m good at photography, environmental science and social science based research, data analysis, I ‘m writer focused on raising climate change issue and writing tourism info.

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new challenges and ways to promote tourism in Nepal, do research advocacy and activism on climate change and sustainable development.

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I have very good team to complete this challenging and much needed journey to understand tourism and climate change, so we could develop new routes to offer and understand ground realities. To complete this idea I will require financial support, equipments and marketing.

I have completed Master degree in science in 2014 as ‘Environment Science and Management’ graduate with research paper on Climate change, indigenous knowledge. My primary interest is to research on climate change its challenges for community so new approach of sustainable development program can be developed. From 2014 I’m engaged with Tourism Development Endeavors (TUDE). I’m vice president of organization, which is focused on tourism for community development. We have been continuously exploring different part of Nepal from 2010 to understand tourism, society and possibilities which we aim to promote with website faceofnepal.org

In 2014 I was awarded Korean Green Grant to do research on Climate change, I been selected as climate tracker for Nepal 2016 -2017. I am also winner of solo women travel challenge 2015. I have written and published in different newspaper and Web pages, stories on climate change and people. Currently I’m doing my research on Climate Change in Kathmandu valley. I have been always fascinated by mountains and mountain communities, as organizational and my personal goal is to explore Great Himalayan trail range and do ( as mention in summary)
Beside my personal achievement I always believe in team work, my team members from diverse background, from experienced individual trekkers who have done Great Himalayan trail, experienced sustainable tourism management tutor and tourism researcher, travel and tour leaders, Marketing and management market leader, social and sustainable development.. Environment and climate change researcher, journalist and young enthusiasts.