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TWhat is Co-Crea? The idea behind Co-Crea is to cocreate sustainable projects between vulnerable communities and appropriate organizations, generating shared value and social inclusion. We are persuaded that EVERY PERSON is the MASTER of his own DESTINY and is the most interested in helping himself. For this reason our efforts are oriented in strengthen their ideas about how to change their environment and, this way, overcome the adverse conditions in which they are living. We have decided to follow their passion! Aware that every case is peculiar just like the needs of each individual person we are going to adopt a differential approach! SO WHAT do we want to do? We want to help Potential ENTREPRENEURS from LOW INCOME COMMUNITY in the outskirt of Bogotá DC to translate their dreams into a reality of social and economic inclusion by CO-CREATING projects with public, private and social sector. At the same time we provide COLOMBIAN CORPORATIONS that understand the strategic value of social responsibility, the possibility to integrate it into their operating and sales processes, creating virtuous cycles. Last but not least, PUBLIC AND SOCIAL ORGANIZATIONS can participate into the projects to empower communities that suffer from social and economic exclusion, reducing the level of inequality in Colombia.

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