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Robotics, Karate, Green Activist, Environmentalist, Innovator, Keyboard player, Budding artist

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I am constantly looking for innovative ways to protect our environment. I want to use technology for environment sustainability and want to change our existing practices into more green and sustainable using technology. I strongly believe that "Together we can create a wave of change". I am trying to develop my prototype robots in a bigger scale so that it can save our marine environment and remove hunger. I am working for SDG 14 and 2 – Life Below Water and Zero Hunger.

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• Sainath Manikandan is the innovator of Marine Robot Cleaner, Agribot and 2 apps to control the robots. He intends to build the MBot in a bigger scale to collect floating wastes from water surfaces.
• He had presented his innovation MBot Cleaner in Innovator 2018, Dubai Makers Space, Global Innovation Showcase, Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week Masdar “The Festival” ….
• Agribot was presented at Innovator 2019 and Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture.
• Sainath have started his campaign, “PEPC Campaign” and collecting recyclables in their school and community.
• He had won the prestigious Diana Award 2018 who believe that young people have the power to change the world.
• Won the first place in Beeah Environment Excellence School Award – Outstanding Individual Student category 2019.
• His innovation won accolades as “Best Technology Project” in Future Entrepreneurs organized by Abu Dhabi Chamber.
• He is an active member of Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) and School Eco-Club member, an environmentalist and social campaigner.
• He is Young Times magazine panelist and writes articles to raise environmental awareness.
• He uses his oratory skills and writing skills to raise awareness amongst his schoolmates and community.
• He uses his artistic talents to convey the message “Say NO to plastics”.
• Besides being an innovator, active environmentalist he is also an outstanding student, passionate social campaigner, Abacus graduate, Brown belt in Karate, Junior Emergency Response Lead Member, Keyboard player and a budding artist.
• Sainath is declared as 2019 International Eco Hero by Action for Nature, an organization that recognizes eco-conscious youth aged 8 to 16 for their creative initiatives aimed at tackling the world’s environmental challenges.
• Sainath is chosen to attend this year’s United Nations Youth Climate Summit. UN are immensely impressed by his commitment to addressing the climate crisis and his leadership in advancing solutions.

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Sainath Manikandan