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I am proficient in all aspect of patient care especially in the Home settings and Tele-Consultation with Nursing services, computer literate and also personal individual skills. Innovative and invention of new ideas as well as management of individual and organizational resources also I have experiences in various leadership posts and hence possess a very seasoned leadership skills.

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I am male Orthopaedic nurse, graduated from University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital in November 2009 as a Registered Nurse (RN) and obtained my Orthopeadic Nursing Specialty at National Orthopaedic Hospital, Enugu in 2013. But I am a Nurse Entrepreneur and also a blogger. During my nursing school days, I held the posts of Students Leader such as the Student Union vice President 2007-2008 and President from 2008-2009. Immediately after graduation, I worked as South-East Care Coordinator of Precious Health Care Limited, a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) where I spent 3 years overseeing all their activities in the South eastern part of Nigeria and in 2012 I founded Blue Torch Home Care limited, a Home Health Care Agency with which I won an Innovation award of the Connecting Nurses Care Challenge award sponsored by Sanofi Aventis and organized by Four Global Nursing Bodies. Also IN 2012, I became a Maternal health Ambassador. I won the HIFA Country Representative of Year 2013 award. I am a silver member of Nigerian Red Cross Society and Executive member at the Enugu State branch. I have supervised more than 60 nurses in either part-time of full time home care nursing services, I have trained more than 220 nurses in Home care delivery and management, also have trained about 500 nurses in Leadership and management in nursing profession and have collaborated with other organizations to create awareness and execute outreach programmes. I have trained about 700 nurses in Leadership and Entrepreneurship. Since 2014 till date, I have dedicated my time coordinating free Clinical skill sharing workshops for Nurses and research nurses in Nigeria under Global Research Nurses (GRN) UK , a part of The Global Health Network (TGHN), where about 150 nurses have gained training on research skill. I am a Social Enterprise Fellow of Circle of Health International Austin Texas and in 2017, I Participated in INSEAD Strategic Innovation for Community Health (STICH) Nairobi Kenya.

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To achieve a greater follow up care after discharge of patients from hospitals To reduce to the barest minimum, relapses after discharge of patients To reduce the long hospitals stay and promote early discharge of patients from the hospital. Networking of various Hospitals, who refers all patients in need of Home care to us, Through health promotion exercises, and through media reach out and advertising, Our website and e-mail addresses, we reach out to clients and we have recruited efficient hands in Nursing services ranging from Community health Nurses, General Nursing practitioners, and Emergency care Nurses. Our team of nurses carry out Nursing assessment on each patient and return the findings to the team office, where group of Special Care Nurses discuss the patient and draw out a Nursing Home Care Plan, which describes the time limits, the care needs of the patient, and hence categories the patient to a particular group. We care for the patient and prepare the daily report. Admin department takes them into the electronic data file of the patient to be reviewed by the report analyzing department at each end of the day. Direct contact with patients and their relatives, by community Nurses take care of the patients environment and hence promote preventive Medicine through health education by giving out health tips, and health promotional items. Finally through collaboration with the Government, to implement the Home care nursing as a section in the Nursing sector, the route of care to the patient and the effectiveness of the Home Care Nursing Services has been more profound and evident. With Tele-nursing we initiated live communication and monitoring of our clients. Products such as Blue Torch Home care kit, our self care Manual with the mobile Home care Chart currently under development were our innovative ideas.

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