Comment on: EyDream
July 9, 2020 14:42

Hello Sir
Your idea is really very nice and i think this idea will bring a revolution in our society
Best of luck for its success
please read my idea too
and vote for it only when you find it worthy to vote
thank you
Saksham Bansal
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July 9, 2020 14:32

A very nice project and i think that it will create a revolutionary change by decreasing bullying, or ant type of racism
A very good step towards humanity
All the best for your success
And please read my idea
and vote for it if you find it worthy for your precious vote
Saksham Bansal
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Comment on: My vendor app
July 9, 2020 14:25

Thank you Ahmed Abdallah
Thank you for your motivational words and
For your appreciation and support i will really look to your project and vote for it
Saksham Bansal
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Comment on: Adar
July 8, 2020 06:22

Hello Mam
I really liked your project very much and i voted for your project
The way you are increasing women employment and sustainable development is quite awesome
I wish you all the best for the success of your idea and i hope that your step will really make a good change in women employment in India
Best of luck once again
Saksham Bansal
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Comment on: My vendor app
July 8, 2020 05:26

Dear Mam
Thank you for your encouraging and motivational words
Your comment really means a lot to me
I will surely put my insights on your project
Best wishes
Saksham Bansal
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