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Victor Saleh


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Sales and marketing, digital marketing, public speaking, content writing, farming of agricultural products, rearing of goats and and chicken, blogging, customer support, podcasting, and app develipment

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I need fund, networking, lands, more training, and mentorship

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I am saleh victor, a graduate of geology. i have certificate in venture in management from Lagos business school, a basic leadership certificate from Daystar leadership academy, and also ran a course on digital marketing and sales from Digital Wild Fusion International. I grew up from a home of a mother who is a farmer and trader of farm goods where i learnt alot about agriculture and i farmed part-time to pay my fees while in High school. I went into crop farming and also snail rearing farming part-time before entering the university. I am also a public speaker on leadership and personal development with a podcast channel and also run leadership and personal development course for secondary schools in Rives, Nigeria. I am an I.T savvy with skills in content writing, copy writing, and digital marketing. I am currently working as Content developer/social media manager and Customer support officer for Mobimatics online. I am currently into blogging and farming. I am passionate about entrepreneurship, making things easier for people, and to become a change agent in Africa.