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I am an Agriculture specialist and I have worked under the capacity of programm development, Monitoring and evaluation, agribusiness cluster formations and project management

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Funding, Mentoring, networking and coaching particularly on market development.

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Mrs. Salma Abdulai is the Chief Executive Officer of Unique Quality Product Ent. I have my background in Agriculture science from my senior high school level, continued with my university education at university for development studies, where i offered BSc. Agriculture Technology and majored in Economics and extension. I further proceeded to do my postgraduate degree in MPhil Agricultural Economics from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Since my graduation from first degree, I have worked on 4 different projects with two international non-profit organization close to 9 years. The projects I have worked on are ‘thousand Plus project’ , ‘Farmer to Market’ project ‘Climate Change in Northern Ghana Enhanced’ (CHANGE) project, and Integrated Community Empowerment Program(INCOME) .I have extensive experience in the agriculture sector, particularly working to improve the lives of small scale rural farmers and women in particular

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Salma Abdulai