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Biochemistry, Agronomy and Horticulture, Natural Science, Environmental Science, Video Making, Photography, Public Speaking, Competent in Microsoft Office, Corel Draw, Adobe Premier Pro, and FL Studio, Languages

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Our project is about renewable energy production from ozone gasses that produce from Citrus reticulata waste. This idea focuses on SDGs listed on number 7 (Clean and Affordable Energy) and number 13 (Climate Change). This idea also related to Innovation and Infrastructure as goal 9, Sustainable consumption and production as goal 12, and Life on Land as goal 15. To implement this idea, we need various professionals such as researchers from multidisciplinary knowledge, entrepreneurs, and engineers. This idea that focuses on agriculture waste product especially Citrus reticulata (tangerine) also need collaboration with private sectors to make sure and maintain sources of tangerine. Then, this idea also needs youths, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), environment activists to promote and collaboration with various stakeholders to make the real project of Citrus reticulata Ecoenzyme.

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CEO’s team consists of three people, there are Salma Dienta Salsabila, Imelia Dewi, and Akhmad Amron Syahdani. They are undergraduate students of Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia. Salma and Imelia are taking Biochemistry major, whereas Amron is taking Agronomy and Horticulture major.

Salma Dienta Salsabila as a leader team was born in Bogor, 4th May 1999. She has been interested in natural science and wants to be a lecturer. As a student, she is active in several organizations, competitions, and volunteering activities. She has joined in Research Education of CREBs, then become a member of Life Science for Young Community LIPI, a staff of Liaison Officer in International Seminar of Science, head of event UBIQUINON National Seminar, and volunteer in Earth Hour Indonesia. She also has various achievements, such as in 2017, she got the 3rd position as Biochemistry Outstanding Student, 2nd place national essay competition and became a delegate of International Winter Program in Kyoto University. She and her teammates are making a conceptual renewable energy idea that can be implemented in Indonesia as home country and then spreads all over the world. The idea itself is eco-friendly, economical, easy-to-use, effective, and efficient to replace fossil fuels for electricity and also help the world to reach SDGs 2030. She and her teammates also hope from this idea, they can inspire the next generation to focus on SDGs 2030.

Imelia Dewi as the second member was born on 22 January 1998 in Aceh. Imel is one of the environmental activists in Bogor Agricultural University. Since 2013, she has been concerned about environment stuff. As a student in Biochemistry department, Imel not only learns Biochemistry but also learn about environment and health in her society. She had joined in Environmental Department of BEM-G, National Hamada Foundation Regional Bogor, Life Science for Young Community LIPI and Environmental and Social Division of CREBs. Beside of that, she has various achievements. In 2013, she had been Environment Ambassador Pidie Regency Aceh, 1st position in English Debate Competition in Pidie Regency Aceh 2015, delegate of Archipelago Expedition in Banyak Island Aceh, Green Ambassador in Bogor Agricultural University, Regional Leader in World Clean Up Day, and 2nd position in National Essay Competition.

Akhmad Amron Syahdani who is the third member was born in Wonosobo, 8th July 1997. He is interested in video making and photograph. Therefore, he is competent in Microsoft Office, Corel Draw, Adobe Premier Pro, and FL Studio. He had joined in Department of Information, Communication and Journalism in Bogor Agricultural University Farmers Student Club, become staff of videography division in Gravitasi, head of multimedia, design, and documentation division in Environment Ambassador Selection, a staff of multimedia in PEMIRA KM IPB and MPKMB IPB 54.

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