August 15, 2018 19:13

Great thought I must say. These days people are so much into gaming. If games can be as productive as what you suggest, I'm sure it will benefit alot of people. Those giving and receiving. It's a win win.
good luck.

Comment on: Rebirth
August 15, 2018 19:10

Great idea! It helps recycle plastic and also saves up on electricity and helps students obtain education without difficulties. Its kind of a three in one solution.
Although you must keep in mind their bags will be in a classroom where sunlight won't reach, unless they have open air classrooms in Nigeria or they could be kept in a strategic place.
Good luck!

August 15, 2018 16:12

Quite a brilliant idea! This way seeds can be planted where necessary and also possible to see the progress. Since rain is not an issue, the seeds are bound to mature into plants. It's a great way to curb deforestation.
Good luck

Comment on: Save Vriksha
August 15, 2018 16:06

This is a good idea. A small change can make a huge difference. Also this can help digitalize all kind of information and transactions that take place in a business. Efficient record keeping and also easier for government to monitor taxation.

August 15, 2018 15:04

This is a great initiative not only to reduce water problems but also boost the economy as a whole as this will provide jobs and will encourage farmers to plant and earn. Not forgetting better sanitation that will improve health standards as well.

August 14, 2018 14:10

I can relate to this as I'm also on a wheelchair. These hurdles are always hard to overcome and we sought help from others when it comes to stairs. Thus if wheelchairs that can actually drive on staircases would be an awesome touch!
Best of luck!

July 21, 2018 14:27

Your idea is highly recommendable! I would suggest rather than the boards harvesting the energy from the sun and putting in expensive installations to drive it towards homes. For an initial project they could be used to power the street lights. These days small bill boards are aligned with street lights. So these boards could be harnessing the power from the sun to light up the streets. This would require a smaller investment and faster results.

Also take some time to read my idea:


July 17, 2018 13:49

@ Ibrahim Abdulmalik
Thank you for the kind words! Yes that's the main - making education reach the nooks and crannies of the country.

@ Mujahed Mukhtar
I believe the education imparted can be portrayed so in a fun way where studies are not book oriented but they are focused on what the students are interested in and the availability of the surroundings. It's a more hands on experience where the students involvement is key.
Also it's a sort of a competition for the interns who will be carrying out these projects, as their grades will be dependent on the success of the areas they have been involved in.
And when it comes to trying this on their own, the students shall be trained to train other individuals such as themselves to create waves of development in the specific areas.

@ Jonathan Mazyopa
You mention the rains, in Kenya we have special umbrellas that are designed for motorbikes - this could be put in place and overcome the rain hurdle.