July 6, 2020 16:02

Thank you so much for this laudable idea. Many children with special needs can be rescued from dropping out of school for lack of performance. Your project has a future potential to success.

July 1, 2020 19:32

What a great idea. With this plastic will be kept out.of the street. This will improve the standard of living of young people. Keep it to end it has a future prospect.

July 1, 2020 19:07

This is a great idea. Many people will have access to food as at when due since can bring the food producers, distributor with the consumer in a place. I hoping to work with you in the future...

Comment on: Send It
June 23, 2020 06:44

Avery, what a great idea! Your desire to see disadvantage people around the world get help from people they might not know. Hoping to see this idea to fruition. Partnership is key to achieving this laudable idea.

Comment on: Curriculum Vitae
June 19, 2020 10:40

This is a wonderful idea! I must say that the vulnerable people will have access to study materials to study as there pace. Young people will also exposed to ICT and improve there knowledge using the app. I am a little concerned about the title of idea, it limit the scope of project idea. Your idea is more than that. I like you to consider changing the title to that which will not limit the idea. Weldon! you can as go to my profile and comment on my idea. Nicodemus Samson Beska is the name.

June 18, 2020 16:02

Weldon, this is a laudable project. My concern here is that many women who are living in vulnerable villages in Africa may be left out because of inadequate know of IT. What is your strategy to get such people on board to enjoy your laudable project?

May 25, 2020 11:03

This is a great project. How do you intend to raise fund for the investment in stock market? Which class of people will benefit directly from the project. Have you register the business already? what is your marketing model? answering this questions will give you a look and make you to achieve the goal of this project. may you find partners and donors to put smile on the faces of the beneficiaries. Well done job!

May 23, 2020 14:47

This business model will really give many small businesses in African to showcase their products and services to the outer world. You have done justice to business plan.