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Automation and proximity apps based on ICT and third party devices.

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I look partners with whom we could get associated to develop and coordinate solutions needs to poor people around the world.

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Mechatronic Engineer with 23 years old, interested in proximity apps and new ways to integrate economic fields; as innovator who has been studying the integration of different technological tools to develop systems for contributing by improving the life conditions of poor people in latinoamérica on economics disadvantages conditions.
Samuel has lived most of his life in Tegucigalpa, where He could see needs by solving and covering problems like drought, malnutrition, family instability until insecurity; and since his childhood has dedicated time to think and create alternatives for this issues on an innovative way.
Awards and Presentations:
-> Presentations and Projects: Holographic Assited Robotic Guide; Participating at Laureate Award for excelence in Robotic Engineering, Madrid, Spain.
-> Scholarship student for Mechatronic Engineering, graduated with Honours.
-> Academic Award as Higher Qualifications at different Universitary Courses.
-> Preparation as an entrepreneur in vocational training

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Samuel Cruz