October 1, 2020 04:46

Your idea still gets attention. I certainly hope that it will soon see the heyday of its realization.
I am sincerely sorry for not having reacted quickly to your request, I was indisposed.
You have my support and good luck to you for the future

Comment on: Escawipe
October 1, 2020 04:38

your idea is really very brilliant and it goes a little in the same direction as mine which I leave the link

Let's all improve our environment together.
This agricultural and food waste recycling project is quite an original idea.
I hope to see your project as well as mine come true soon.

July 18, 2020 01:44

Great idea !
Hope you'll find good supports to realise your idea.
It would be wonderful to know you concretize it.
This will help so much farmers to grow up their farms and be more productive.
Keep it up brother.

July 18, 2020 01:34

Good idea..
But I have one question for you: which kind of control you think to do to avoid corruption?
Government has already his taxes but is this money spent totally for the well-being of people ?
And I think , people are tired with questions of taxes just because they are poor and don't believe that any taxes will help them get out from poverty. Thanks