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For Building my startup – EyDream, I am looking for an investment for arranging resources to our partners and converting business into profit.

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Sandeep Narayan is a 27 years old who has over 5.5 years of experience as a Project Manager in operations in a fastest-growing startup OYO Rooms. He was heading the supply chain of external and internal branding for all the OYO properties in India and south Asia. He has also worked as Business Partner in a NGO Silk Route where he organized various exhibitions on handmade products. Born and raised in Bihar, Sandeep Narayan received a B.Tech. Degree from IIT Roorkee, Uttarakhand- India in 2014. He was General Secretary of an adventurous club Himalayan Explorers Club. He organized lots of adventurous trips and events during his college journey. Since Dec 2019, Sandeep Narayan has been working as a Founder of EyDream to create a platform for decreasing unemployment and promoting local products. During his childhood, his family struggled vividly to earn money. They were capable of earning income but which vehicle will be best for them was questionable. Finally he realized that there should be a platform which can provide an end-to-end stage where anyone can go and learn, create & sell demanded products and create a source of income for middle and lower class families. In India, there is a lack of source and learning capability for any middle/lower class family to earn by themselves. So he came up with a solution to resolve this problem by creating a platform for them. EyDream is an idea and revolution to earn money by developing skills for creating demanded products by sitting at home/nearby place. EyDream has the potential to change the landscape of Indian lower and middle class families by leap and bounds. He is admitted to grow EyDream and ready to change the life of many people in the country.

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