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Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Convolutional Neural Networks

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ways to connect to more people and start implementing my ideas to the real world.

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I am currently attending BASIS Independent Silicon Valley. Throughout my middle school years, I have gathered a lot of knowledge and background in the field of computer science, specifically computer vision in healthcare. I completed Andrew Ng’s coursera course of Deep Learning. In fact, I won many awards in the Synopsis, California State Science Fair. In 2019, I received the “Project of the Year” award in California State Science Fair with a project called “Detection of Pneumonia through CXR Images using CNN with the minimization of False Negatives”. Additionally, in 2020 Broadcom, I placed in top 300 with the project “A CNN compensating for Human Fallibility when Detecting Pneumonia through CXR images with Attention”. I published a pre-print of this project on Arxiv with further detail, with the name of the paper as PneumoXttention. I plan to pursue the field of computer science and artificial intelligence in healthcare. Currently I am a TA in KirtiArtClasses and help maintain the studio’s social platforms on youTube and Pinterest. Additionally, I am hosting a non-profit organization called AndromedaAI which is a competition for middle and high schoolers to compete in the field of artificial intelligence. I hope to one day attend a college with a strong base on computer science and with the materials to help her grow in both knowledge and business.

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Sanskriti Singh