August 8, 2018 20:10

This is awesome. More power to your elbow. I would love to work with you, providing education on your processes through our ZeroNet off-Internet Servers in the remote locations you operate from. I have a few questions though, what are you doing about distribution and marketing of the produce, and how do you ensure quality control for the products, seeing that they way they used to do it might not meet your standard for packaged products (This is purely my assumption)

August 7, 2018 09:16

Great idea Mayowa, it's good to start this mental shift in Children and Teenagers at that age, that is when their heads are mostly "open" for moulding. Hopefully at some future time, we will be able to integrate your enterpreneurship materials into our ZeroNet Servers which are powering our idea of Digitizing Technical Colleges in Nigeria -

Well done.

Comment on: Modern barter
August 7, 2018 09:10

Great idea! Especially the services barter, since service prices are more subjective and thus might make exchanges seem fairer. But barter has a lot of challenges, since there is no standard on exchanges, especially of physical products. However, I implore you to put more thought into this, as I am also looking for a basis of payment that does not require the internet, for our ZeroNet Servers, which we are using to power our idea at . Well done on this!

Comment on: TechAfrik
August 7, 2018 08:19

Well done Chinonso, I can see your passion, infact it's quite infectious, have read through your idea twice, great idea I must say, especially the rural development aspect, I believe any solution in Education that excludes rural areas is not emersive enough to Foster the required amount of change. This is part of the reason for my project "Digitizing Technical Colleges in Nigeria" - which seeks to enhance Technical college education through hosting learning videos on our ZeroNet Servers for distribution without Internet.

I would like to work with you, and you can even integrate your learning tools offline on our Servers. Since Internet accessibility is a huge challenge for content creators in Nigeria and even Africa.

Well done again on this

August 7, 2018 07:48

Hello KRATIKA GUPTA, thank you for drawing my attention to this idea. Truly, knowledge of some basic life saving techniques is going to really help in reducing death by ignorance of bystanders. We would love to have your How-to videos on our ZeroNet Servers so we can distribute them in even rural areas without Internet access. The same servers we are using for our Technical College idea at . Kudos on this!

August 7, 2018 07:33

Great idea Temitope James. We need to talk, I love where you are going with this, and think you'll be great to work with. As Soraya Fouladi pointed out, this content creation targetted at remote areas will require a distribution system that is not dependent on the Internet. Our ZeroNet Servers are a great fit, as that is what we are using to power our project that you saw on . I have connected with you here and look forward to this.

August 7, 2018 07:19

Thank you all very much for your support. Thanks for the time and effort you have taken to vote and especially comment on this project. We really appreciate your insight.
@Temitope James, yes we would love to work with you. Well done on your project!
@Omar alhaj mahmoud, thank you for your suggestion on After sales service trainings and expanding warranties through the training efforts. We will definitely look into these.
@JELILA BLALOGOE, your question on Scale and partnerships got me thinking about how to simplify and standardize the process, so it's easy to duplicate with a franchising model of some kind.

Thanks everyone for your feedbacks and encouraging words, it's a tough journey and we are positive that with support we can make these seemingly lofty dreams come true.

August 6, 2018 06:36

Hi Jelila. This is an awesome project, well done. It\'s also great that my folks are in Benin and I grew up there. Will like to keep track of your progress. With more research and online documentation of your work, you'll be able to draw more attention to your project beyond Benin