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I am young leader for social change in Afghanistan and I have good skill and experience in policy development for sustainable education and youth issues and my main activity is Engaging female leaders from all 34 provinces to prioritize the most serious obstacles to women’s advancement and participation in education • Supporting engagement with Afghan Government counterparts to formulate, reform and better implement legislation, policies, plans, and programs that empower women education I want to support women through undertaking initiatives that bring about policy changes at government level and change community attitude in regarding women’s education right issues.

I have participated more then 19 session in sustainable education planning with CSOs and GIRoA in Afghanistan, that during the planning we priorities sustainable education issues in Afghanistan ,I have professional skill in conducting youth capacity building training ,I have worked in the following Grant with international organization 1-Peaceful Elections Advocacy Campaign 2-Providing Alternatives for Youth Through Civil Society Organization Development 3-Enhancing Capacity of District Government Staff through Management Training 4-Young Entrepreneurs Association Establishment Civil Society Leading Development 5-Youth Building Resilience Community Emergency Response Training 6-Outreach Event Series: Reaching Remote & Neglected Communities 7-Animal Husbandry Training: Boosting the Skills of Women Farmers, 8-Supporting Business Environment through Business Development Training 9-Advocacy Forums Citizens Advocacy on Key Grassroots Issues 10-Youth Leaders for Peace: Building Opposition to Inter-Communal Violence 10- Capacity building workshop for Local NGOs/ CSOs member ,11- Seeds of Hope youth development initiative project

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Mujahed Mukhtar