August 15, 2018 19:40

Dear Saurabh,

Im really impressed with your idea and hope that you go a long way in this competition. Today we need to realize that if nature is destroyed then we cant survive in the long run. We need to take care of our surroundings and mother earth.
I do hope that you get all the strength in achieving your goal and good luck for your idea.

Comment on: The Food Factory
August 15, 2018 19:32

Dear Bimal,

Really Im spellbound with your idea. I hope that you go a long way in pursue of this mission and help eradicate death due to hunger.
I request everyone whoever is reading this to give it a thumbs up and help towards achieving a world where noone dies out of hunger.

Great work...keep it up...

August 11, 2018 19:03

Dear Friends,

I'm working on my vision of "One world, One Nation by quality Education", Please have a look on my work and give your valuable inputs and vote which will go a long way in helping me improvise further.