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Founder of two startups Both are of unique Markets. Can take any kind of pressures and Hardwork Nature .

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Persons who can share his knowledge on IOT and AI . They must be able to work with us and help us to develop more innovative things

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My Name is G. ENMS Satyasai I am 20 years old. I’m studying B.tech final year in Mechanical engineering. From childhood, I used to be unique in my friends. I am one of the youngest Abacus Professional Trainee in my city. I won 2 District level Awards in abacus. I used to participate in more extra circular activities and try to be unique among all. I worked as the captain for Yellow House during my School days. Now I founded the startup which is gifting e-commerce and one of the directors of another Startup. I never compromise until I get the perfect outcome. I have even started a Social service foundation which helps the needy people around my city. I can work hard and finish the work on time.
My teammates:
1. Vamsi Krishna is 20 years old. He is the designer of our team He can design any kind of component in design software. He won the science fair at the District level. He can work hard in any kind of situation. He had applied for design patents too. He is a hard-worker and Perfectionist

2.N C Sri Harsha is 20 years old. He is the technical designer of our team. He can assemble the hardware components and can efficiently code the project. He won the hackathon in the year 2017. He also represented our University in two state-level hackathons. He also participated in a national level hackathon and reached till semi-final. He can code in Arduino and other platforms. He is hardworking, patient and will try to finish the project within the stipulated time.

3. Koushik Vijay is 20 years old. He is the Team expert in open-source applications to put and get legal codes online, making them understandable. He is decently skilled with Electronics and Intellectual Property Laws. He always challenged us to come up with some clever twist on the idea or perhaps something new entirely!

4. J.SuryaManiKumar 20 years old. He is studying B.tech final year in Electronics and communication engineering. From childhood, He used to be unique in his friends but not different in terms of friendship. He worked as the Class leader during School days. Now He Started a startup which is vegetable e-commerce and one of the directors of another Startup.

He was of the core in the entrepreneur club at Kluniversity. and He has worked as a coordinator in his department Fest and the founder for Team Infinity(Social welfare Organization).

Finally, He Can work until the work is done in any conditions on time