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Chidi Nwaogu is a serial tech entrepreneur, entrepreneurial ecosystem builder, and software developer. Nwaogu is Co-founder and CEO of Publiseer, a digital publisher that has helped over 6,000 underserved African creatives living in low-income and disadvantaged communities to earn over $240,000 in revenue, and has been described by Konbini as “one of the largest digital publishers in Africa” and identified by IFC as one of the startups “that could speed up innovation in Africa”. He is also the Co-founder of Savvy, a global fellowship program that has equipped over 2,000 passionate and brilliant young individuals from over 100 countries, with the necessary knowledge and skill that they need to start their own impact-driven business in a post-COVID era and succeed as social entrepreneurs. Nwaogu is the winner of the Migration Entrepreneurship Prize 2020, the Africa 35.35 Award 2019 for Entrepreneurship, the Young Leaders Award 2019 for Media and Entertainment, and the Bizz Business Excellence Award 2019. He is an Acumen Fellow 2020 (West Africa), Alibaba eFounders Fellow 2020 (China), IDEX Global Fellow 2020 (India), Westerwelle Fellow 2019 (Germany), Halcyon Incubator Fellow 2019 (Washington, DC), AfricanPLP Fellow 2019 (Cairo), and Yunus&Youth Global Fellow 2019 (New York).

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