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Biodiversity, Ecology, Tourism, Museology, Taxonomy and systematics,Biology

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Collaborations for sustainable development

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I am a result oriented multi-tasker with 4 years of experience, working with teams on multidisciplinary projects involving biodiversity and environmental impact assessments as well as on socio-economic development. I have developed a set of skills involving creative and critical thinking, analysing situations, engaging stakeholders and communicating results to different audiences.

In 2011, I recieved the Uganda Government Scholarship to persue my BSc. degree and in 2016 the Dietmar Schmid Education Foundation grant to do my MSc. which I completed in 2019. My Masters thesis was about evaluating museums in Africa as biodiversity databases, education institutions as well as for national development.

I seek to further leverage my technical and professional experience to fundamental and applied research and engage in activities that can contribute to sustainable development globally.

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Solomon Sebuliba