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I am a Biologist, Master in Health and Human Development and currently, I am a PhD in Social Memory and Cultural Goods. Work with environmental education, sustainability, solidary economy and solid waste management. I am a co-founder of a company, Apoena Socioambiental, which provides consulting, training and projects in the socio-environmental area.

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Financial or publicity support for this project to be multiplied and carried out by the world where people still work with solid waste and carry out environmental education.

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I have been working with solid waste management and waste pickers for 6 years. I have experience in the elaboration and management of projects in the social area, being part of the team of technicians in the Incubator of Solidarity Projects of the University La Salle, in the city of Canoas / RS, Brazil. I am a writer of the book “Recyclers of histories, pickers of smiles” of Editora Cirkula. Award for Best Scientific Work in relation to the Environmental Education Project held at a Social Institution in the city of São Leopoldo, RS – Brazil (2010).