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Ogundiwin Segun


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computer scientist

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a way to take education in africa to another level

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This project is a computer aided multidialectal teaching system (CAMTS) that is adopted and used as teaching tool in schools. The age group considered for now is 3 years to 5 years old. Our objective is the provision of a software tool that enables nursery school pupils learn and interact using three dialects from three Nigerian tribes (i.e. Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba),one dialect in Togolese tribe (i.e. Ewe which is very similar to french) and Chinese (mandarin). The multidialectal component of the system gives room for easy teaching by the teachers(and also teachers learn from this) and easy learning by the pupils in their native dialects, other dialects and even foreign languages . Moreover, both teachers and pupils have opportunity to learn another dialect (even other languages) aside their own dialects or language. CAMTS is flexible and can be scaled up to accommodate other dialects and languages such that it can be adapted to other environments aside Nigeria, Togo and china. CAMTS as also been designed to fit into the schools curriculum or syllabus and also be used at home by the kids at there leisure time.

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