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Segun Ogunlana


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Afripreneur (http://www.afripreneur.com.ng/ )social enterprise is a business support platform that enables enterprising Africans to move from ideation to world-class enterprise easier and faster. This is being achieved by providing various online and offline solutions which will provide needed support and access for aspiring and growing entrepreneurs. Afripreneur came up as an idea to solve the menace of poverty, unemployment, militancy, terrorism, corruption, etc in Africa as we believe all problems in Africa is connected to unemployment. Afripreneur intends to provide a sustainable structure which will create many businesses which will lead to an unlimited amount of employment opportunities. Online solutions allows for remote access to essential solutions needed by entrepreneurs via internet enabled devices and computers using a cloud technology approach that allows knowledge, support and access of equal quality is accessible by every entrepreneur while offline solutions are events that creates great experiences and collaboration for entrepreneurs which provides the necessary networking and face to face interactions. Our approach is to use the contemporary lean start-up technique to identify various needs of aspiring and growing entrepreneurs, develop a hypothesis based on the need, experiment in a small way to see what works and what doesnt, find a scalable approach and tie a business model around such a solution to make it sustainable. Each solution is managed from the viewpoint of project management by the Afripreneur team. Based on our current observations, we have the following needs and solutions; business knowledge (we provided the Afripreneur TrainMe [http://blog.afripreneur.com.ng/ ]), need to start a business and mentorship (we provided Afripreneur MentorMe [http://mentorme.afripreneur.com.ng/ ]), need to save cost & get quality service (we provided Afripreneur SupportMe [http://supportme.afripreneur.com.ng/ ] ), need for due-diligence (we provided Afripreneur ProfileMe[under development]) which are all in the start-up stage.

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