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mechanical engineering design

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community problems with possible maechanisation solutions.new machine solutions to everyday problems, finances for prototyping of various technologies to present to the public.

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i am a mechanical engineering undergraduate with a passion in design of machines. I have online Basics and online professionals training from GOOGLE which has made me a competent researcher with the GOOGLE search internet application. i have also undergone computerised design training in mechanics. the last bit could sound like a show off but i consider myself a highly logical individual.

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Stephen Ssekanyo


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machine design uganda

We are a mechanical engineering design company with the aim of bridging the gaps created within the local Ugandan social and industrial sectors by providing machinery and technological advances to ease the workloads, improve living standards, increase capacity and improve on value addition for a more sustainable industry all with the bias on protecting the environment through the design and fabrication of machines. Further still, we realize that, some available imported machines on the market are inadequate for some jobs in our local environment. That coupled with the fact that our local environment posses some unique tasks for which there may not be foreign machines is more reason for us to stress the importance of a local research team.

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