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Sunnie A. Marcar, Jr


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I am a Social Worker and IT Trainer

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I need $13,645.00 to obtain a facility for computer training of students and teachers, purchase 12 desktop computers, 12 computer desks, 12 computer chairs, 2 printers, 2 photocopiers, 1 projector, 1 camera, 1 router, and 1 24-port switch.

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Sunnie A. Marcar, Jr. is a young Liberian. He is an IT specialist and Teacher with over six years’ experience. After operating a local desktop publishing center in Kakata, Margibi County that was forced to close due to the outbreak of Ebola in Liberia, he moved over to Virginia and opened Dominion Technologies Inc. where he does General Desktop Publishing and computer training.
He is eager to invent ideas in business to empower and employ youths.
He has a C Certificate in Education from KRTTI-Liberia, a Diploma in IT from Amity University, Liberia and a Certificate in Design in Educational Application from NITTTR India. .He had worked for over five years teaching young people General Science in primary schools and training youths computer science. He also holds a certificate in Business and Entrepreneurship from the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Regional Leaders Center (RLC), Cohort 6, Accra, Ghana.
His hopes to open a renowned Printing Press, IT equipment store and computer training institutes around Liberia.

Project Overview

Information Technology Learning for Liberian High Schools

Due to the lack of Technical and Vocational Training Skill Programs attached to High Schools in Liberia, many young men and women found the guns as a means of survival. This became one of the major contributing factors to our long Liberian Civil war that lasted for approximately fifteen years (1989 - 2003). Now that relative peace has been restored, Liberians must get involved into activities that would sustain the peace and empower the youth of the nation since they are the next future Leaders. Else, they will find pleasure in being street carriers, motorcyclist, street jerkers, criminals, etc as some have started. We as an organization have seen the necessity of IT Learning as a career builder and would love to empower the youths of Liberia. With TECHNOLOGY, they can achieve a SKILL, with a skill, they can build up a CAREER and with a career, they can lead an INDEPENDENT, PRODUCTIVE AND SATISFIED LIFE. Our Aims - Provide a modern computer lab for Liberian High School - Train and employ qualified instructors to teach Information Technology in Liberian High Schools - Monitor and control the I.T training to avoid hindrances and crashes Our Objective - Ensure that Liberian High School graduates obtain Information Technology skills as compare to students worldwide. - Establish an electronic data base system of record in Liberian High School and to train school authorities in managing the data base

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