June 29, 2017 11:21

Hi Klinsmann,

Thank you a bunch for your support, you made made me energised and more passionate to continue with this work, and for your comment too thanks.

To answer your thoughtful question I'd say that the Business Fund Account is actually just a proposed name for the the account were a percentage say 5% of the students total tuition will be saved until graduation, it could be changed to something more suitable.

Now the main aim of this account is create a kind of "financial reserve" for studentsand parents alike with intention to hand them over to all our graduating students to be used as "capital" for whatevr business/skill/career they intend to pursue (which we must have trained, taught and mentored them on) in life.

However, we understand that there are so many different career choices, some which may not be directly entrepreneurial. The provision o this fund is also meant for them, its for "all" graduating students just a way to empower them financial which they could also use as a means to fund their further studies.

Please don't hesitate to say if this answers your question. Also I'd love to know what you think on this because as you are well aware, we're still in the conceptual stage

Thanks again!

June 29, 2017 11:06

Hi Uledi,

Thanks for your well thought of comment. I really appreciate!
To answer your question, I'll say first this idea as at the "thought stage" is intended to be ran as an institution adopting the business model of a Non for profit organization.

For now, we'll rely on sponsorships and collaborations to be up and running.

We however intend to adopt the operational strategy of real schools subsequently. You know, we thought of how schools mak their profit from the services they render. We'll adopt their strategy to keep the model running.

Do let me know if this answers your question and don't hesitate to state if you'd need further clarifications.

Thanks again!

June 29, 2017 10:59

Hi Daniel,

Yeah that's what I actually meant, "how do I get to learn how to develop softwares too and become a technical guy?"

Your words were straight and I think I get your point. I'll check the platformyou suggested and see what I can get.

Congrats on your furtune @hiring the best guys...
Wish you well!

Comment on: Nutribeads
June 27, 2017 15:14

Hi Bonita,

I'm well impressed with your idea to create more awareness especially to pregnant women abou the importance of CHILD nutrition and empowering people to be financially sound.

My only concern here however is that I'm finding it hard to identify the "direct relationship" between the beads and nutrition for a child.

Are the beads made up of some kind of medicinal/nutritional components to promote a child's health, orare they symbols to remind mothers of the dangers of malnutrition for children?

Kind regards with your project,
Hope to hear from you soon.

Comment on: EDU-CELL
June 27, 2017 13:54

Hi Shuhra,

You have a wonderful idea here and an awesome forecast for sound education, keep it up.

I just have an observation and maybe a suggestion if you may. I understand your position of making do with "audio files for lessons" but have you really considered the impact and effectiveness of "video clips" to "quick and easy learning" considering the grade level the lessons are intended for? And since it's going to be an app and its meant for Android phones.

Also, is this going to be like some distant learning school? Or what do the students apart from just passing the "audio test" tend to get in real life (promotion to the next grade or a scholarship?) Talking about those unable to finance their studies in a real school!

Well you could use that as an innovative approach and incorporate it in your idea in the long-run, (to give scholarships to those who satisfactorily pass all the test or something ).

Just be good with your I dea,
I wish you the best!

June 27, 2017 01:15

Hi Karolina,

Wow you really got me scared! Saw the length of your reply and was wondering as I asked myself "all these words for me?".

You didn't just answer the questions, you "really answered" them! And I truely wish you well in this project.

I'm most especially glad it made you thought ahead and opened you up to other workable opportunities, well that's what I'm after.

My motto in life is #WeAllNeedMotivation and I believe you are motivated to do more. Just like me.

Keep up the spirit.
Kind regards,

June 26, 2017 15:09

You're right actually. That's basically what sustainability should entail. To add however, I'll just say we all need to be far-sighted and constantly innovative to keep our enterprises up and running.

Best regards!

June 26, 2017 11:47

Thank you Bertha for commenting, it means a lot to me. This idea was birthed out of "an anger" if may say. The cycle of promoting "certified dependency" has been on going for a long time now and no one's saying/doing anything about it.

I really hope that this idea moves from this stage to the project it's meant to be, transformation our lives together.

Thanks once more, Miss.

June 26, 2017 09:30

You're most welcome Miss Bertha,

I'm glad my thoughts were useful, it's my pleasure and I'd infact love to be a part of your success in this.

My vision too is focused on educating teenagers, mentor and help them as much as possible to become that person of their dreams.

I believe they own the future and equipping them with the right things is the only way to build a sustainable and reliable world for us all.

Be good, Wish you all the best.

June 25, 2017 13:07

You've got a great idea here, the truth is the move to inspire people cannot be overemphasized much less to homeless and unemployed individuals.

The only concern I have here is if you have any age range you're targeting to implement this and if you have any criteria to match the abilities of these individuals with available jobs.

Wish you the best with your idea.