June 21, 2017 09:09

I am really inspired by your work sir! I mean, the vision is superb. You know, one of the major needed set of educators required in our continent (Africa) are mentors, we have too many lectures (if you know what I mean).

Though my vision is still in its conceptual and planning stage, I believe it will also gain grounds in a short while.

I wish you all the best with your project.

June 21, 2017 08:37

Accurate words you've got down there, @"The next generation must not add up to the existing problems, but must solve them". That's in fact the central focus of this concept.

Let's hope it makes its way up to reality very soon.

Thank you Coach Aaron.

June 21, 2017 01:25


I like the concept of your idea, it's innovative indeed! Just need a few clarifications.

1.Do you have a group of make-up artists already on ground that will be readily available when appointments are made and what is your strategy to track them for earning your own profit?

2. Also talking about automated and accurate make-up styles for user's preferred pictures suggested in your app, will this be possible on just any picture or there will be a kind of filter to check inconsistencies?

Hope to hear from you soon. Best regards.

Comment on:
June 21, 2017 01:00


I'd really love to see your project work and even get the app installed on my device. Your idea has the potential of saving job applicants a whole lot of stress running around seeking vacancies and matching their qualifications and skill with available openings.

However, I'll need a few clarifications from your model.
1. Does the unique process of matching available openings with candidate's skill on your platform automatically replace the concept of interviews and aptitude test, submission of cover letters?

2. From your financial projections I see you really need a whole lot of funds to make this work. Please can you clearly spell out how you intend to raise this funds for its actualization? I think that way you can have a target and go for it.

Please reply soon.
I wish you the best with this project. Hope to see it work!

June 21, 2017 00:46

Hi Karolina,

Your idea depicts an awesome foresight and good initiative to solve a more or less national issue. I like the enthusiasm with which you wrote this and I see you making people smile in a very short while.

I just need some clarifications that I believe will help you too.

Apart from solving the farming issues, do you think your idea can also help reduce the overall effect of flood in your community in terms of covering roads, shutting down schools etc?

And talking about sustainability, what's the number of tanks you'll be needing to store this water and for how long can the water serve (May to December of every year)?

I hope to hear from you soon...Best regards...

June 21, 2017 00:10


Nice project you've here, I like the concept of "feeding students to promote nutrition and the ability to assimilate in the learning quickly process".

However, I'm not clear on your mission and business model. How do you intend to successfully execute this project? Is it to be run as a charity organization to provide food to schools? How many schools do you intend to cover? What's the sustainability of this project in terms of ending hunger? I also see you making comments about involving farmers and women, do you intend to split the focus of your project?

Please I hope to hear from you soon. Wish you the best.

June 20, 2017 18:03


The sight of your idea title alone fascinated me and I loved it as son as I clicked and read through. However, I please would wan to know if you've already done a survey to establish the receptability of your idea by those you consider it for?

Also is there any age range for these students or do you intend to combine the old and young together?

And lastly please can you identify clearly which among the SDGs your idea meets?

Wish you the best.

Comment on: Green Space
June 17, 2017 21:33


Your idea reminds me of the animated movie "The Lorax" please see it if you've not! (I recommend it). You may find something worthy from it as well.

There's nothing as good as preserving the courses of Nature. Disconnecting from it is as though we're attempting to halt the length our existence too early.

I like the fact that you're seeing a need for maintaining nature and I tell you what? You're passing a message to the world, "Beware of nature's good as you attempt to cause a development, because when you don't, you end up killing the inhabitants (those the attempted development is meant for) too quick!"

I wish you the best with your idea!

June 17, 2017 20:53

Thanks Team GreenSpace, I'm grateful for your comment! It's really a pain in my heart I hope this idea comes up and out of my heart and head to reality! It will create that change we all look out for in students!

Best luck in your idea too!

June 17, 2017 18:25

I really like your idea eventhough i hardly could get the complete message, may be because I'm not an engineering person (I mean many of the terminologies appears very strange to me) but i believe it's going to contribute greatly to certain areas in Africa no doubt.

Also, I can see from your writing that you're not an English person, I'll just advice you try and make it clearer (grammar-wise), i can help you with that if you don't mind!

Best wishes with your idea!