July 29, 2018 22:26

These main goals in your project are very good especially that you have excellent knowledge of the details and information related to agriculture in your country, but I suggest that you identify a specific problem and make these goals solve the problem

July 29, 2018 22:11

Supporting and helping rural women is a very beautiful and wonderful thing.
Some women are the only source of good living for the home so this idea is very good to help them
I suggest you send a summary of this idea to organizations that are interested in women's rights.

July 29, 2018 22:05

" educate adolescent girls/women living in diseased/remote/crisis/rural area or communities in order to reduce girl child illiteracy " .Really a good solution to an important problem even in my country has been dealing with this problem well to be a good community.
I suggest that you work with institutions that are interested in education and also charities

July 29, 2018 21:53

Good idea, I suggest you identify a clear problem for society and looking for ways to solve it to be your main goal and also to add the features and services that will provide good solution

July 29, 2018 21:35

A good idea is to help children in need of education because in some of the developing country this is a challenge and a problem for them. Teaching children is very, very, very important for the development of society.
I suggest that you work with the universities so that there is support for you and also stimulate the children to think about studying in the university in the future.

July 29, 2018 21:27

This idea is really excellent especially in finds alternative financing for farmers through our unique crowd farming platform and in providing extension services like agronomists and soil sampling and testing services, I suggest you work with agricultural institutions in different countries to develop this idea to become more widespread.

Comment on: Water Watt
July 29, 2018 21:14

Thank you Japhet Yuda for your comment
I wish you all the best. I wrote my opinion in your wonderful idea, I am very happy to know you in this competition and I also feel that this competition is a window to the world to know people and see the ideas and projects.

Comment on: Water Watt
July 29, 2018 21:08

Thank you very much Temitope James for your comment.
And also your idea "Online School especially for low background students" excellent,
The most beautiful thing about this wonderful competition is that I learned a lot of knowledge in entrepreneurship and also read many great ideas.

Comment on: Water Watt
July 29, 2018 20:57

Thank you very much Sara Adele Airoldi for your comment.
And thank you also for this good information about "Entrepreneurial Leader" especially in the focus on sustainability, will read your idea and write my opinion.

Comment on: Water Watt
July 29, 2018 20:51

Thank you very much Mohamed Zoubi for your comment.
It is my pleasure and thank you very much for university students for their interest in my project and I will do my best in this competition.