Comment on: The Golden Pot
July 11, 2018 11:21

A good idea is to turn kitchen waste into organic tanks. I suggest you work on converting these waste into organic fertilizer for plants or organic fuels or make the golden pot a device to make organic fuels and use in restaurant because have a large waste food.

Comment on: INSPIRe nATION
July 11, 2018 11:12

The idea is very good because it cares about young people and kids because they are the future.
The most important thing in this idea is to help young people and children discover themselves and their talents and use them to make a difference in the world.
I suggest to you to make a special attention to people with special needs and give them opportunities to learn.

July 11, 2018 10:59

It is a very wonderful idea, and in my country, Jordan, we have a large number of refugees and they need help. This idea is really important to them.
I suggest that you cooperate with organizations that care about refugees.

July 11, 2018 10:35

A very good idea, that this problem also exists in my country in some areas and has negative social effects, especially water scarcity. I suggest that you send a summary for this device to the Ministry of Water in a different country to cooperate with you and use the device to reduce this problem.

July 11, 2018 10:28

The project is really wonderful and excellent especially as it helps teenagers who are willing but unable to afford the cost of education. This is a problem that exists in many countries. I suggest that you cooperate with other people to provide assistance not only money but also to provide people and places to teach young people and teach them careers and new characters.

Comment on: Water Watt
July 9, 2018 23:36

Thank you very much Basma Al Kiyumi for your comment.
Yes, of course, the device can be used in any place that have pipes for transfer fluids ( water ) and according to the diameter of each pipe and I work on the development of the design to be used for the tubes of less than 3.5 inch, the device is used:
- On the pipes that the flow depends on gravity.
- On the pipes that depend on the flow on the pumps but have additional energy due to gravity, causing the breakage or explosion of the pipes and the disposal of this additional energy by the use of devices on the pipes , this extra energy can be converted to electricity and reduce the incidence of fracture or explosion in pipes.
- On pipes that have the flow energy is higher than the level required to transfer water from one area to another.

Comment on: Water Watt
July 9, 2018 22:35

Thank you very much Mujahed Mukhtar for your comment.
Your idea is very good and helps young people and society.
The services offered by the idea are also concerned with the basic aspects of society.

Comment on: Water Watt
July 9, 2018 22:30

Thank you very much Minh/Hoang for your comment and your opinion.
" Working and planning for success needs to work hard "
If you have any question I will answer it.
Thank you very much :)

July 8, 2018 23:26

A very wonderful idea that can also be developed, and useful to society, I suggest you work with partnerships to create business divisions to help entrepreneurs

Comment on: Water web
July 8, 2018 07:53

It is a nice idea specially when focus to generating electric with low cost that means you can help remote area because need for electricity, I suggest to you design your prototype or device in MATLAB or blender that is amazing program to design