July 7, 2018 17:55

Is a good idea to benefit from the telecommunications sector and create a profitable financial company that will reduce the unemployment rate in the country and reduce the size of poverty in Tanzanian society.
I suggest you also take advantage of the internet sector.

Comment on: Paper Fuel
July 7, 2018 17:47

An excellent idea in re-circulating paper to reduce paper waste in the environment and reduce the practice of deforestation in many African countries in order to serve the Earth from climate action. You should also focus on other ways of using recycled paper, such as making paper-coated pens.

July 7, 2018 17:31

An interesting idea and I feel close to recycling but a really innovative idea.
I suggest that you focus on villages and areas where waste is abundant and harmful to society.

Comment on: Dip-co
July 7, 2018 17:10

An excellent idea especially to focus on young children because the future starts from young children and the most important things " help in identifying and nurturing the talents of children and adolescents" , I suggest you to establish competition and games for children with cooperation with association that interested in children

July 7, 2018 17:01

A very good idea and helps to reduce health problems and easy and quick to use,
It can also benefit to developing countries that have the same problem, I suggesting that you work with shop owners to directly services

July 6, 2018 17:05

A beautiful idea, to help people to highlight their talents.
I suggest to you to set up a channel to broadcast on social media by using simple equipment and cooperation with talented people and make their own channels for live broadcast on social media such as (YouTube, Facebook) and the collection of ads and followers.

July 6, 2018 16:23

Your idea is very good and especially in educating people to change their personalities for the better through pictures. The most special thing about this idea is that everyone can participate or give contribution inside such as reading and watching some materials, sending their stories, following the workshop and then photography competition.

Comment on: Water Watt
July 6, 2018 15:21

Really thank you very much Eng. Niazul Islam Khan for your comment.
I worked hard for 6 months on this device in design and experiments on the principle of movement until I reached this stage.

Comment on: Water Watt
July 6, 2018 15:11

Thank you very much Jonathan Mazyopa for your comment.
Problem solving is one of the things that entrepreneurs are interested in.
So the idea of this device solve the problems for who need electricity in innovative ways, new and easy.

July 5, 2018 15:52

A good idea for the agricultural sector, and using the technology I think will increase the amount of production and quality, I suggest you cooperate with farmers to reach their needs and what to provide them.