July 3, 2018 22:43

Supporting education and orphanages is the most wonderful thing that has an impact on society. Remote areas are the most needy places for this idea. Even in my country, orphans are supported until they become effective in society. I suggest that you work with child care organizations to develop this idea and include more areas.

Comment on: Water Watt
July 3, 2018 22:31

Thank you very much, it's a pleasure to read your idea and see it and I will write my suggestions. I am very happy to know you in this wonderful competition.
good luck to you

Comment on: Water Watt
July 3, 2018 22:20

Thank you very much Mujahed Mukhtar for your comment and your idea is also great. It is a great pleasure to meet you in this wonderful competition, which learning us many important things for entrepreneurship, and also your idea is good to support together , but how can we do that?

Comment on: Water Watt
July 2, 2018 10:33

Thank you very much Yusuf Yahya :) .Your idea is very good \" Hafsys Foods \" , and as I wrote to you before " This is a good idea and helps a lot of society, I suggest to you to see the other way to agriculture without soil or aquaculture it has many benefits and low cost. " , I wish you success.

Comment on: Water Watt
July 2, 2018 10:27

Thank you Robert Frost for your comment
I do not know if it is true or false, but working on ideas is important for entrepreneurs and this competition is an opportunity for us to present our ideas and develop our concepts. In this competition I learned new and wonderful things every day I open on the competition page and read and learn.

Comment on: Water Watt
July 2, 2018 10:19

Thank you very much Rownak for your comment and your good question, I voted for you and commented on your wonderful idea,
I look forward to making it sustainable by many taking, for ex. in marketing and selling such as (given for free but we sell the electricity produced by reducing 50%of the price the kw with contract for period time ex.(companies pumping water in Jordan buy 1Kw/h=0.13$,in1year=1048.32$,but in our contract for50%offer=1 Kw/h=0.065$,in1year=524.16$)or direct selling by600$ for3.7 inch.) and work on the development of the device and the modernization of the principle of work until the spread of its use and also focus on after sales services.

Comment on: Online Sohopathi
July 1, 2018 23:22

A really wonderful idea, this idea increases the level of learning for students and increase knowledge among them.
I suggest to you upload videos of the Subject and explain to them too

June 30, 2018 22:32

"Indian farmers increasingly find themselves in a vicious cycle of debt, because of the high production costs, high interest rates for credit, the volatile market prices of crops, the rising costs of fossil fuel based inputs, and private seeds" This problem is very important and also exists in my country , So focus on this solution is very good, I suggested that you see the agriculture without soil ( water agriculture )

June 30, 2018 22:15

Very very excellent idea " Citrus reticulata Ecoenzyme: Renewable Energy Production from Ozone to Reach SDGs ", scientific idea and also accurate, I love the idea a lot, where are do your experiences?

Comment on: Youth Corps of Malawi
June 30, 2018 21:25

It really is a very excellent idea, it will help the community to raise the level of education, I was a student who could not complete their studies because of money but I completed my studies with a scholarship, and there are many students who need help. I suggest to cooperate with associations interested in education.