June 4, 2018 13:36

A very wonderful idea and this works to create a generation of educated, and peaceful
I have a question about fanatics who can not read what is your plan to reach them?
And who are not in schools or universities?

Comment on: Water Watt
June 4, 2018 13:15

Yes of course now we are doing research and development to make the device purifies the water passing through it,
The device works on the removal of water from large and small waste inside the tube, but we work to purify water from microbes

Comment on: Water Watt
June 4, 2018 13:08

The efficiency of the system for the 3.7-inch single device, produces twice the solar cell by 600 watts to 1 kW.
For the speed of the water flow is different from the tube to the pipe, for example in Jordan the minimum flow rate of water in the pipes of water transfer is approximately 131. L / second it produces approximately 600 watts.
Compared with the rest of the methods, its efficiency is very good in production, maintenance, manufacturing, and useful life. It is also made of recycled plastic.