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However there is no professional expertise in me yet but I am good at doing research, good at imagining things, like to write (poetry), can draw pencil sketches and have ability of abstract thinking.

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A team of professionals, helping hand from educational institutions i.e. schools etc. , financial help and support of law.

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I am a college droupout (2nd year) due to some epic reasons and this is how I spoke truth about my reality on which I don’t feel ashamed. I am working on something which requires immense patience, so don’t have any current merits or achievements.
I was a victim of poor and flawful education system during my school days which still has many loopholes. I intend to rectify and improve that with my experience and have some hope to combat potential crimes via my initiative in all similar schools existing in the world as of mine. My dream is to become a scientist and a professor willing to bring a revolution in education, which is the need of this hour. I merely was occupied with one idea and I got a podium here. Thanks to UNESCO and my potential supporters. I encourage everyone to bring a change in the world to make it a better place and save it from future crisis. I am happy and support for all people who believe in the idea of simple living and high thinking.

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