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Shamima Omwayi is a compassionate change champion known as the Iron lady in her community. She is a BCOM Finance graduate from the Technical University of Kenya. Her passion for humanitarian work goes back to 2012 dedicating most of her voluntary time serving her community in various capacities. She’s a co-founder of a youth community based organizations (CBO), The Youth Network, and helped revived a Charitable Orphanage Center,The Villa Teag Children’s Home. During her community work, she has not only worked for and with local NGO’s, but also various International organizations such as, Hope World Wide, Global Communities in partnership with the USAID, and Plan International. When she’s not ironing out community issues, and stuck to her studies, she’s busy riding her bicycle, watching cartoon, browsing face book, and meditating.Currently working on a high literacy learning project.

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Shamima Omwayi