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Shannon Li


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Leadership, Activism

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Entrepreneurship, Marketing Mentorship; Engineering Advice; Advice for Creating Partnership with companies & organizations

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As an intellectually invigorating and visionary tech leader, I strive to provide every attribute, including intellectual rigor, leadership, creativity, and a pursuit for innovative knowledge in every endeavors. I will be studying computer science and business at University of Michigan in the Fall 2018. I strongly believe that the interdisciplinary field of technology has the power to change the world progressively. Whatever field I go into, technology will always be integrated and the concepts of entrepreneurship only elevates my expertise and knowledge in engineering. I aspire to be part of the next forthcoming and just one of the many new innovators in the future.

Beyond technology, I am an avid human rights activist, LGBTQIA+ activist, and foodie enthusiast. My leadership and commitment to service to humanity has been evident in the awards and honors that I have had been privileged to be given. Through my efforts serving impoverished nations and providing humanitarian aid with The United Nations Children’s Fund for my past four years, I have been rewarded by UNICEF, the UNICEF Look at Me Now Award, honored for showing significant growth and transformation through active involvement and is viewed by peers as an outstanding UNICEF club leader. I have also been awarded the Student Leadership Award, Activism Award by the City of New York, Ronald Reagan Leadership Award by my local community. In addition, the Daily Point of Light Foundation has awarded my youth volunteer efforts fighting against pediatric cancer.

As an avid cook, I have won a few awards for my ingenuity and creativity. My tomato recipe has won first place and been featured on the Washington Post at the age of 14. I have been a finalist for two category for the Staten Island Cookbook Contest.

Entrepreneurship has and will always be an enduring passion of mine. I have found Entrepreneurship woven into every aspect of my life. I live, breath, and crave the burning desire for creativity and creating everything from only my imagination that entrepreneurship has given me. The ideas I am able to manifest into reality is whats this field so valuable to me.