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Shatoyia Jones, reigning Ms. Massachusetts 2019 AWOS, is a social systems entrepreneur and educator, motivational speaker, social good lifestyle blogger, budding podcast host, philosopher and model. She currently serves as Founder and CEO of Ordinary x Influence, a social enterprise helping change makers build initiatives and businesses for sustainable impact and ethical practice, profitability, and scalability, Founder of First Ladies of Poverty Foundation , Abre Dance Therapy Fitness & First Ladies of Poverty TV, and Education / Leadership Consultant with Crimson Education , recently being selected to provide press coverage to a conference entitled: Improving the Outcomes of Students Living in Trauma and Poverty and press coverage for Her Campus Conference: Empower in NYC June 2019.

With a passion to discovering the formula for making the resources for alleviating poverty accessible to under-served communities seeking assistance via a philosophical lens, she has served in the educational system for 13+ years, recently being selected to serve as the sole project leader and volunteer for a literacy project in Costa Rica, Youth Engagement Specialist for Self/Dial AmeriCorps, Guest Workshop Host for Consortium for High Achieving Students of Color at Trinity College, Special Guest at MIT Innovation Conference and Harambe Seed Funding Event at Harvard Business, and Bi-lingual Mentor and Discussion Leader for GPI US, US Performing Arts Camp and Institute for Training and Development.

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