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• Business plan creation and negotiator • Strategic decision making • Innovative and entrepreneurial • Project coordination and Management • Implementation of Agricultural operations and projects • Facilitator and Trainer • Agri-Business Development and expansion strategies • Agricultural training Curriculum development • Landscaping and Irrigation Design and Implementation, • Persuasive and articulate • Strong interpersonal skills • Solution-Focused • Strong Leader and communicator • Business development • Project management • Improving Customer Satisfaction • Proficient in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Google suite • Knowledgeable on Agri-Inputs • Strategic planning and leadership

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I need financial support to rol out the project and manufacture Organic Starter kits

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A social entrepreneur, passionate urban agriculturist, organic farmer that advocates sustainable farming practices, and is the founder of various start-ups which focuses on agri-business and product development, agri training company promoting sustainable agri-businesses improving the livelihood of individuals and communities, focusing on the information and service delivery to promote farmers production and marketing activities through the use of Information and Communication Technology platforms. I have an employment history in agriculture development (including value chain transformation and inclusivity, agricultural policy implementation & development planning) as well as maximizing the social collateral of agriculture to producers, workers and communities in which they live. I am an accomplished, results-driven, dependable and loyal individual with a vast experience in Agricultural management and production, Organic training and Agri-business development and project Management with more than 10 years’ experience. An outgoing, vibrant nature loving individual who finds pleasure in problem-solving and helping others. Committed to excellence and performs well in a fast-paced environment and works wells as part of a team as well as independently and is a hard worker who is performance driven and diligent.

I have a vision to create a cooperative farming culture, which sources less input from outside. Being passionate about agricultural technology and how it has the power to connect individuals, communities and nations. I am open to collaborate with like-minded serial entrepreneurs being a versatile analytical thinker with strong interpersonal, communication and leadership skills, i can be marked as a strong networker and master negotiator, focusing on what’s possible as opposed to all the things that could go wrong.

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Shaun Cairns