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I was actively involved in several focuses on SDG wetting, such as Zero Hunger, Gender Equality, and Zero Waste. In the Zero Waste mission, I once made a prototype website project to tackle waste with my teammates, who were able to get us to win the Gold Medal at the InIIC Series 2 in Langkawi, Malaysia. Besides, I am also a student who actively discusses the topic of Gender Equality as my study material. For now, I am working on a journal for publications related to Gender Equality. Finally, in my mission to contribute to realizing Zero Hunger, I am in the process of pioneering an application, called Digifood. This application can collaborate between reducing food waste by reducing the hunger crisis in Indonesia. I have ambitions to be able to develop this Digifood system throughout the world. Interested in knowing more? Contact me!

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I’m currently need the human and material resources for this project, especially for business expert as it’s not my field of expertise.

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Sherina Friskila Nurtiara is a 20 years-old Indonesian who actively involved in many experiences. Tiara interested in SDG issues, one of them is environmental issues, especially in waste issues. She currently initiated Digifood by herself and looked for some members for her team. Her first social research in her Senior High School, which was about disadvantaged-marginalized children, made her involved in doing field research by observing and interviewing those children. It was like her turning point when she realized there are so many capable children but need to stop getting to school because they need to look for money for their family’s daily life, especially for food. She felt sorry because can’t help much at that time. But she believed, a youth still capable to solve problems with their ability. Then, she began to explore her passion and ability in writing by taking part in many essay contests and articles discussing solutions that could be done to solve various existing problems. Her interest in researching has also become her medium in finding and serving solutions to existing problems. Tiara is a highly motivated individual and innovator who has some incredible achievements from the competition, awards, and other experiences. Tiara and her team won a Gold Medal in International Invention and Innovative Competition (InIIC) Series 2 2018 in Langkawi, Malaysia for their idea in managing organic and inorganic waste problem into environmental solutions and social solutions by providing scholarships to those in need. Her essay about Digifood also has selected as one of the best 50th essays in the Indonesia Youth Innovation Project (IYIP) 2020 and was awarded as COVID-19 Problem Solver. Besides, many other awards have been won by her.

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Sherina Friskila Nurtiara