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I am a Kenyan actress, writer, producer telling great African stories to the world.My aim is to collaborate with as many great filmmakers a s possible to make great films.

I am passionate about finding a long term solution to the film-making business in Africa because at present a handful of countries have decent film industries the others are still struggling.

Here are some of the projects i have participated in:

Selections & Awards:

Riverwood awards best writer 2015 (Kenya)
48hr Project best script writer 2015- (Winner)
Durban Film Mart (South Africa) 2017 for scripting a feature film An African Tale.
Cannes Film festival (Shorts Corner)2018 to pitch a short film (Dawn)

Producer Profile:

Peponi- A feature film about a young man trying to find a way to earn a decent living in dar es salaam but corruption makes it an impossible task.
Status: Post Production

Guatha- A post Apocalyptic feature film set in South Africa.
Status- Development (Funded by Kwa zulu Natal film commission.)

Rugendo( Journey)- A docu-drama about the people of Mbeere, Kenya.
Status: Post Production

Wavamizi- A proof of concept for a feature film about the Portuguese occupation of Mombasa.(2018)
Nominations: Kalasha International Film Festival
Best Lighting
Best Sound Design
Best Editor
Best Short Film
Wavamizi Trailer- https://vimeo.com/288536640

Confessor- A short Film (2015)
Selected for screening in:
Africa International Film Festival- Lagos
Mashariki Film Festival –Rwanda
Zimbabwe International Film Festival Trust
Afro Ananse Film Festival- Colombia
Confessor Trailer- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rW6a7EnpDLk

Co- writing credit, Country queen- A series
Country queen trailer- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5SN-NX8D94

I have acted in:
MTV Shuga 2, BBC’s The first grader, Mnets’ Changes, Zuku’s Statehouse, Citizen’s Tahidi High, Varshita, Lost In Africa (Danish Kenyan Collaboration) Netflix Sense 8.

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Shirleen Wangari