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I am one among Tanzanian youths selected for Sub-Saharan Africa Youth Leadership Project (youth leadership program) conducted in Denver, Colorado and Washington, DC in USA –November to December 2011. (for more information @ http://www.boldleaders.ning.com)
I specifically trained for:
• Being a leader of substance
• Entrepreneurship
• Community developer
And I awarded official certificates by Boldleaders team.
After being back it was alarming time to put my knowledge I got into application and practice with the aim of personal and community servings.
There are some challenges around my community which need to be eliminated completely.
They include the following among others:
1. Inadequate and poor social services
2. Unemployment and underdevelopment
3. Illiteracy
4. No support for those struggling hardly with life
I try best as I can to combat some circumstances under my ability and preparing a very huge plans and strategies bearing in mind that one day I will be able to plenish all over if I get support from those with empathy about it.
The strategies done by NGO’s and government institutions are like abstract ideas; they do not give relief impacts and that is why after believing on myself that I can my attention is pulled towards it and pay concrete effort so as to liberate my community.
 Hard-worker, cooperative and sympathetic conviser
 Touched, looking forward and focusing long distance
 Ability, intelligent and bright enough
I am touched with such kind of life because even myself I belong to low standard family and just what I need is support and help because I know how these problems pain.
Born 20/09/1995 in Tandahimda district-Mtwara region. I am last born in a family of six children having one brother (first born) and four sisters. In nature my parents are farmers and even my family members at all. Normally it is farming for feeding and not for economic development so I can conclude that my family is of low standard economically.
Wrong enough no even one of my family members is employed in other sector apart from agriculture; so we generally suffering from life hardship and I know it and I am working indeed against it.
Due to various reasons neither brother nor sisters have got a chance to ascend above O-Level secondary education; only their last born who now takes MD degree (doctor of medicine).
I passed and escaped a lot of obstacles since my childhood in normal life at home even in the way towards my education journey. Consider the following some of complications in my life up to this moment.
o Primary education (7 years) travelling a distance of 3km on foot during dry and wet with a lot of troubles.
o Secondary education (O-level…2 years) travelling a distance of 5km by bicycle and sometimes staying in camps for extra school studies.
I saw this as a very big challenge to me and I conviced my parents to transfer me to another school away from home. I did not care about kind of life there what I wanted is best performance.
o Secondary education (O-level…2 years) I stayed away from my parents for the sake of studies in such kind of rotten houses. Cooking upon myself and sometimes I became no money staying hungry; it was not a problem to me but it motivated me to study hard so that one day I become someone else to help my family and community.
o Secondary education (A-level…2 years) almost thousands of kms from home (Mtwara to Bukoba). I was not only dependent child so I saw even shy to tell parents to turn back during vocation; I stayed harshly at school. All was the sake of considering others and making my parents to have at least a breath. When problems come, brave man combat them by alternative mechanisms; I was not stayed worthlessly rather I was a good gardener growing tomatoes, cabbages and so forth. I grew this project and my fellow students wanted to be involved too. I got congratulation and thank you certificate during graduation for this great job.
o University (2015+): doing MD degree for the duration of five years. I see it as a golden chance to poor Shukuru and is the only way to me helping those looking forward from me (family and community). A lot of plans in mind by this right time and all is to fight against this kind of torturing life we have. Think about all eyes of the family look to Shukuru as a driver now and in real I consider others before myself; I share the trouble of others as if mine. Firstly I hold a plot of land for business purposes (my dear sister will come to live with me while vending food for university students around).
Special thanks to the following among others:
o Family for their patient teachings even in hard conditions, made me to adapt any variables of life and being wise man who is in need.
o Boldleader team for giving me secondary knowledge and expand my status.
o Teachers in various levels of my education in my day to day activities.
o US host family; Ken, April and Owen. I was one of the family members getting everything I wanted on time. They are so kind.
o Fellow youths and students whom I worked together with them to achieve some goals.
o Do not forget my lovely Madam Kaity Thill; The source of my trip to USA.
1.Personal Enhacement
According to the status of my family I supposed to work on myself for some activities to reduce the burden of parents. I did some entrepreneurship activities by my effort for at least to get money for school. It was successful since I also helped my sister to buy her sewing machine. But it was challenge since I kept on moving from one place to another (school programs). For the capital of only $200 I did the following for the period of 2 years (2012-2013)
• Mini selling activities such as selling canning petroleum and agricultural products produced by myself or bought from someone else.

• Poultry and livestock keeping. Had 3 cubes for keeping chicken and goats; I got much money from this project after selling its products.

2.Family Support
I give such kind of support whenever necessary. My sister is hard worker but lacks opportunity so whatever little I get I try to show strategies to her so that one day we will help each other to care our family. I cannot wait for her to stay jobless; bought sewing machine for her and by this time she is going to stay with me while selling food to students.
3.Promotion of Understanding of Relevant Facts
I worked on it with hand to hand cooperation of fellow students and teachers (Newala secondary school). We focused on our community life and real life of youths; addressing problems facing youths and their impacts, also inappropriate family life and their impacts.
My school supported this and the entire community around was impacted from it. We used different ways including making video clips and showing them in our performance. My friends are very talented on acting but we do not have way to use this chance to liberate ourselves. Our videos are available in my facebook page called SHUSSA TAMASCU. We left a great contribution at school as we touched the existing situation.
At the same time we managed to camp at school for 4 months (I studied a day school) helping each other day and night to fight against exams-for those wished. Success was seen in exam results.

When I was in A-level studies in Nyakato secondary school (boarding school) I organized a group of 37 students as gardeners. We sold our products such as cabbages, tomatoes, sweet potatoes to school. We afforded to pay tuition fee on our own from that project without depending on parents. School gave us a piece of land to invest our effort and we gave it feedback for sale.
It was great deal to me to have certificate (from that school) of my courageous effort I did and I know even my school benefited from it.

5.Education Support
After graduating A-level and before joining university, I had an ample time of about 4 months. I knew our youngs needed support from us for their studies (as normal poor educat
ion quality); so I decided to enter in the class to deliver what I had. I wished for them as well to reach my level.
I had 4 fellows who did that in cooperation to help our young sisters and brothers. It was extra school studies for the period of 4 months; I think they benefited much from us.

These are O-level students at our center-Tandahimba (these are only few-sorry for inconvenience, lost some important photos of our work) and this is my fellow tutor.

I am doing MD degree and time table is so much tight but I try to do my best to put plans to reach my goals. Here now I plan to do great things and what I need is a kick (initiatives-means of starting). I left a lot of my fellow youths in different levels still suffering (they have nothing to do), also community wait for my influence; so how am I feel safe while others suffer? I have to do something for them.
We have a lot of alternatives, manpower and resources but we do not have capital to invest. If we get it everything will be on straight line. The following are some plans to be done:
• Youth venture in art. I worked with fellow students at school, they are so good in acting; so I am going to use this chance to organize them and develop our art group. Educating community on the other hand rising money.
They are ok, only waiting for me.
• Self-employment to youths. They mostly think that to become employed is only in government; so how about those my fellow youths whose even their education level do not support? Let them employ themselves by their effort; there are a lot to do. At our homeland we grow cashew-nuts and cassava, they are sold by very low value while in other distant areas they are very costful. So I am going to establish cashew bakery and cassava processing and find partner and market in consumption areas; hope that we will make very measurable profit. Let them do that because they do not have job, and the effect of it is known.
• Water management. Currently 21st C still water is problem, faced with drought and even if water will be available they are unsafe. We use so called yellow water stagnated on ground and swamps for long time, sharing it with animals. Not only that; think about the way to get that water, they are found long distance from home areas. What ideas come in your mind if developed areas, one person use 200lts of pure and safe water per day and at home a family of 5 members manage to use only 20lts on unhealthy water per day or even sometimes lack water. During dry season water is sold at very high cost, I am touched with it because even myself is one of them. What I need is to show passion and involvement in combating situation. Following is to start water project even of impacting people around my ward (approximately ≥ 500 people), by constructing wells for storing safe water which may also last longer.
Undermining Hindrances
There are a lot of great and mild hindrances in my journey. Only main few to share with you here among others:
• Disorganization and lack of hope among participants. Most people want success instantly, lack long term plans and they want fruits to fall to them freely. This is
awesome to me and it cost my much effort to make them okay. Example teaching program we established was free but students do not want to join and at the same time they blame shortage of teachers in their schools; so which is which.
• No support at all. I depend much on my own effort and as you know I have nothing enough. Projects already done were not much costful then how about these future plans I am going to encounter?

Myself alone cannot do anything as I addressed everything, though I cannot stay silent because ‘if you are neutral in situation of injustice, you have chosen the side of oppresssor’. This work is not a story or dream or novel or whatever mad situation; it is real situation I experienced, engaged and get involved.
 Support me in whatever the way you can, financial support or material support
 Find for me an agent who can host me or help me to invest in what I said above
 Forward this work to others as much as you can maybe someone can become motivated and get involved in my project
 Tell me if there is any other possible way to make my project successful
 Even to say hello Shukuru congratulation for great job you did and encouragement is also contribution and I will value it as well.

SHUKURU S SHUKURU, SFUCHAS-St Francis University College of Health and Allied Science, P.O.BOX 175 IFAKARA-MOROGORO.
Email addresses: [email protected] or [email protected]
Mobile number: +255717002338
Link to my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Shussa-Tamascu-191511837873796
Thanking you in advance for keeping your attention, I wish you nice fulfillment to help me sincerely.

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