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My name: Patriot Sanyaolu Shulammite Ajasa, I am married to Mr Anuoluwapo Ajasa. I am 31 years old. I have DIPLOMA in LOCAL GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATION, and I later bagged a DEGREE in POLITICAL SCIENCE. I am highly talented in the field of Marketing. I am a Diligent, Resourceful and a very Versatile Marketer. I have worked as a marketing Manager in two different Companies. In July 2015, I became a member of a voluntary paramilitary organization called the NIGERIA PEACE CORPS, I am also a member of the State Executive. My port folio is PROGRAM OFFICER FOR THE STATE. In Nigeria many physically challenged persons are dreamers who want to live a better life, change the World as much as they can and also contribute to the growth of the Nation. But their Dreams are cut short because of the neglect in the society. There is no social welfare for people with disabilities. some tried to learn some vocations to avoid being permanently dependent yet, patronage for their products is very low. Being a Versatile Marketer I felt the need to help them achieve their Dreams, I find physically challenged people Intelligent and Brilliant. So, I decided to start by using the platform of Nigeria Peace Corps. Anytime we are having a public event I will contact some of them that is making quality and presentable products like school bags, shoes, basket, fashion bags to the venue and during the program I will personally present them to the public with their products I will also add that these people are not here to beg for alms, but they want your patronage for their products to be able to feed their family, then people will start buying and collecting their contacts. I will then be happy and fulfilled.