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Shyamak Aggarwal


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Diagnosing a bizarre illness requires the one component that a patient cannot bank on; time. Sometimes, illness can be produced by something as mundane as bacteria from dirty water, metal poisoning from unpolished pipes or even just by unknowingly being in the company of another ill person, and oftentimes, because of multiple conditions, it becomes increasingly hard to determine the correct answer from various differential diagnoses of a patients condition. These illness, if serious, can become a threat to the patient in no time and can lead to death. In fact, according to the American Association for Justice, preventable medical errors are such a serious issue that they kill more people in the United States than diabetes, Alzheimers and other leading causes of death. Data shows that more than a fourth of the patients who died while in ICU had been misdiagnosed. Estimates are that 40,500 of these patients lose their lives every year. The DiagoAssist is a search based platform aimed at reducing those horrifying statistics. Its a platform where hospitals will upload case information like patient age, gender and race, determined cause of illness, symptoms in the sequence of occurrence, and location of the case. Personal patient information is not required, but the hospital needs to be registered. This helps by providing other doctors treating patients with similar symptoms a place to start, in case of a close match. This reduces diagnosis time and thus increases the chance of saving more lives. Having such a system will not diagnose a patient and will definitely not replace doctors. It might give the doctors a place to start their search from, to narrow down at least one scale in the number of diseases that they suspect.

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