Comment on: Toilet paper wisdom
August 28, 2017 14:34

Ngaze nga jabula, Mbalen'hle

I am from the townships of the Free State the most deprived and isolated in information, there isn't a better time in life to light this up than now, blossom beautiful flower blossom!


Comment on: Quest-travelling
August 28, 2017 14:27

Travel is now a necessity besides VFR it is also a good way to refresh, It is good to know I can do all my travelling through a company like yours, effective and smart. Good Work.


August 28, 2017 14:14

Creating a people that is financially educated to be innovators, self-generators of sustainance opportunity and a better life, that is revolutionary it is Godly and a brilliant idea, now remember the day you stop this never shall you be content in life, take this to the next level!


Comment on: EDU-CELL
August 20, 2017 03:51

Hello Shurha,
I would like to commend you firstly from rising to the forefront in history regardless of the situation in your part of the world, secondly for believing in education as the key to a better life, I do love this idea and I wish you all the best.


August 1, 2017 09:30

This is a life changing project and until one has their loved one taken by malaria there isn't a lot of people who understand how important this is, round of applause from us at Leratong Tourism.