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Silvia De Simone


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Mothers Alternatives

Mothers alternatives: mutual collaboration and integration. A service among families living in Naples and immigrant families. The project is a babysitting service for children of immigrants, by mothers of the host country, which teach the language and local culture. The immigration rate in the city of Naples has grown significantly over the last decade and consequently the population changes its appearance, becoming multicultural, a real melting pot. At the same time, many of the immigrant families residing in the city, for business needs, have difficulty in combining engagement with the private life and then increasingly has the problem of caring for their children. Based on the knowledge of the area and sporadic already existing experiences, it comes our proposal. It is a service offered by resident households, especially Neapolitan housewives who care for the immigrants children. For a fee proportional to the number of hours devoted to this work, the children of immigrants can part-time grow up in a native family, learn the language, customs and traditions, without losing sight of its origins and integrating since their childhood among the local population.

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