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Silvija Josipovic Beronja


Project Overview

Organicos - Center for healthy and natural life

Our intention is to open the first integrated natural health consulting center in Osijek, Croatia. The main objective is to raise: 1) awareness about the importance of health and a balanced lifestyle 2) awareness about the importance of education and prevention 3) the quality of life The center would include commercial and service activities which are closely interrelated and interdependent. Items in shop: 1) Biological supplements 2) Home appliances 3) Natural cosmetics 4) Eco grown food from local family farms Service activities rely on energy medicine, with knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine. All of the staff is educated energy experts. Services: 1) SPINE REVIEW spine is the column of life. With spine review we can find most of the genetics issues and actual problems, and educate the client about his/her condition and how to prevent or heal the problems. 2) THERAPEUTIC TRETMANT OF THE SPINE with this treatment we improve the circulation, impulse in the nerves, and energy through all of the body. The aim is to release blockages, toxins and most important negative energy. 3) ANTI STRESS GUIDED RELAXATION AND ENERGY BOOSTING relaxation enhances and reinforces the effect of the spine treatment. Without blockages all systems can flow throw all the organs and balance it. Then we become more effective at work, much kinder with people, healthier and happy. 4) COUNSELING AND EDUCATION ABOUT HEALTHY LIFESTYLE AND ALL ITS ASPECTS the WHO has a definition of Health and it says Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the instance of disease or infirmity. Through education and counseling clients find out how to enhance and keep their health. With all of our activities we cover a wide range of health and life quality which helps the whole community to grow in knowledge.

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