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As a Senior Forestry Technician and a Fisheries Engineer, I have developed a range of skills and competencies through numerous internships in Non-Governmental Organizations. My key skills and competencies are; Forest and Aquatic Ecosystem Management, Forest Inventory, Health, Safety and Environmental Management, Wildlife Conservation, Conducting project feasibility studies, Communication in rural areas, Translation and interpretation skills, Writing of reports and meeting minutes, Self-motivated, proactive & hardworking. Good IT skills Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Emailing and Internet research. Manipulation and use of GPS, compass, forest tape, Multi-parameter and other instruments.

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AMU Simon
Tel. (+237) 676936664/699659176
Born on May 06, 1995 in Mbanga, Littoral Region of Cameroon and holder of a diploma of Senior forestry technician obtained in 2019 at the National Forestry School of Mbalmayo and an engineering degree from the Institute of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences of the University of Douala, Yabassi in October 2021 option oceanography. Trained in
in business planning within the framework of the
project PEAJEM (Promotion of
(Promotion of Agropastoral Entrepreneurship of Youth in Mbalmayo)
Mbalmayo) and in Sustainable Agriculture and Agrifood within the framework of the PDTIE, a Research and Innovation project supported by the International Organization of the Francophonie(OIF).
Currently wor as a rural development agent at Alternatives Durables pour le Développement(http://www.alternativesdurables.org/a-propos-de-nous/personnel )
Agropastoral Experiences:
– At the end of 2018, management of a farm of
150 broiler chickens in the Ngallan
Ngallan – Mbalmayo
– Early 2019, management of a plot of
0.5 hectare of corn in the village of Oyack – Mbalmayo
– End of 2019, management of a breeding
and fattening of 04 pigs Neima breed in Ngallan village
– Early 2020, management of a 1 hectare watermelon plot in Djoum
– Early 2020, management of a 1 hectare plot of cassava in Djoum

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