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I was born and raised in Binan City, Laguna, Philippines and married to my Romanian husband of Resita, Caras-Severin County, Romania. I had my 13 year-teaching experiences in the Philippines and I have almost ten year of teaching experiences here in Romania. I am a Teacher of English Language and Literature and my Romanian husband is an Electrical and Electro-mechanical Engineer. I am a Teacher-Volunteer-Coordinator for the International Essay Contest for Young People, Japan for almost 5 years now and still motivating my Romanian students to participate on this prestigious international contest. When it comes to awards and recognitions, I have many to mention and I think the actual presentation on my part will be shown if I will succeed on this competition. Presently, I am teaching at Liceul “Mathias Hammer” Anina, Caras-Severin County, Romania. The town of Anina needs investors for its economic development. I love to help the town and the people who are living here. They are hardworking people and the town has its incredible tourist attractions, that need the foreign investors for the entire development of the town. Even the school that I am teaching now, the students love to have a tie-up foreign school for electronics and automation, tourism, medicine, food and agriculture. I think, Anina and the people need these kinds of holistic structure and development.

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Simonette Tenido Brebenariu