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simon mbogo


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My talents are on leadership I like taking obligation assigned to me with the best of my capabilities to achieved achieve the desired goals, my long time expert skills in leading others to plant trees,project design competitions put me at the right hand of implementing my SDG on clean water and sanitation by conserving the water catchment areas through planting trees,fencing the wells,cleaning them and provision of tanks to members of the community this will separate animal watering points from human ones,prevent waterborne diseases,prevent erosion of water catchment areas and increase quality food production through irrigation from quality water which is not contaminated and also prevent spread of Corona virus which require sanitation and cleaning using clean water and soap and above all water as a major component of life offered freely by nature through conserving it we will ensure living creatures remain active and productive.

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I need to prepare meet with stakeholders and then I prepare a project plan that will enable me put my idea into action with the right stakeholders my idea will be backed by them when I outline it to them and this will make it implementation easier and faster I have a vast experience in community development projects such as participation in tree planting projects and through interaction with community members my presentation of my idea to them will be viable