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Simran Vedvyas

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Green Space- New Life

SynergY is a group of young students from various institutions across United Arab Emirates who are led by a high school student herself, to work with the sole purpose to support various environment and societal causes the members of this grass-root working group- Pledge to contribute their best by advocating that everyone must adopt an Eco-lifestyle. The Initiative Green Space- New Life has planted nearly 1000 tress at the landfills and waste composting sites in Dubai, UAE, aiming to reduce the toxins and make the environment greener, also educate the youth and community with the need to reduce the landfills and how serious this problem of food waste and industrial, hazardous waste has gripped us in. SynergY follows the ideologies and principles of Earth Charter and is active Earth Charter Youth Group - ECYG with the Founder Simran Vedvyas being the Earth Charter Youth Activist and focal Point in UAE International Youth Council (Chairperson)- Chapter United Arab Emirates, Alexis Society ( Coordinator) - Chapter United Arab Emirates and Chairperson Plant a Tree SynergY is supported by Children of the Earth (COE) as their Chapter United Arab Emirates and Northern India SynergY powered by Cosmo Foundation Youth- is committed to its vision and ethics. SynergY is recognized by several organizations and like-minded Institutions and Organizations Globally like TUNZA Eco Generation, Alexis Society, Worldview Mission, Plant-for-the-Planet, Emerging Futures Youth Network, Youth Climate Report and TakingITGlobal

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